Essay : The Prepaid Credit Problem of Blackberry

Blackberry is a smart phone product which included many users of the other two smartphone  products,they areI-phone and Android. Millions of person, especially in Indonesia using blackberry. Type of blackberrylikesthe Blackberry Curve, Javelin, Onyx, Bold and Torch. Model and specifications of the Blackberryis comparable with the price and quality ,but blackberry smartphone style is not comparable with theprepaid creditsthat we must have. Many users have complained about the expensive prepaid creditsthat we mustpaid. There are  blackberry users where their prepaid credits was sucked automatically because not package blackberry service.

At first time, the problem suck of prepaid credits was experienced by BlackBerry users Indosat and it began to spread through in Google, Twitter and Facebook, they complained  about their prepaid credits was sucked drastically, but it was not only experienced by Indosat, Telkomsel users finally experienced the same thing. Some blackberry users blamed the service provider’s central agencies Indosat, Telkomsel and other agencies. Even there was blackberry user sold his blackberry because annoyance the prepaid credits was sucked automatically.

The problem about prepaid credit was sucked automatically, there are solutions for the problem like that.So ,the prepaid credits  can still safely. The setting solutions are :

1. Check Browser Configuration

– Open the browser

– Select option

– Select browser configuration

– Make sure on the browser is Internet Browser

2. Check Browser General Properties

– Select browsers

– Select option

– Select general properties

– Make sure the options on the default browser is Internet Browser

3. Check Default Browser

– To select menu option

– Select advanced option

– Select browsers

– Make sure the default browser is Internet Browser configuration

4. Check Advance Option

-On the menu select Option

– Select advanced option

– Select Browser Push

– Uncheck the Enable WAP Push

– Uncheck the option Allow WAP Push Application

5. Check APN settings

– On the menu select option

– Select advanced option

– Select TCP / IP

– Check on the APN Settings Enabled

– Type in APN is “”

– On User and password are blank

– And save

6. Check Option Data Roaming

– On The menu select Option

– Select Mobile Network

– Change option is the While Roaming to Off.

7. UberSocial BIS Settings

– Options

– Next to the option Network Options

– Select BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service)

– Use WiFi If Available mark.

That’s some required settings in your BlackBerry to safely your prepaid credit, because we  using the network outside the BIS (BlackBerry Internet Connection). At least this way the user can comfortably use the blackberry smartphone.

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